Mindful Moments: Meditations for Your Day

Make meditation easy, with the 3 pre-recorded, less than 10 minute guided meditations, for any time of the day. 


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Each of these free offerings is a stepping stone towards a more harmonious and empowered life. My intention is to support you in your quest for self-improvement and personal growth. So, dive into these valuable freebies, embark on your journey, and let them serve as a compass on your path to happiness and inner peace.


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change your mindset, change your life

Breakthrough and Bloom Podcast

Let's chat - and not that high level superficial shit. In this podcast, I'm being open, honest, vulnerable, and authentically ME, with the intention to share as MUCH as I can to help shift your perspectives on some of the HARDEST shit we go through as humans. The stuff that coaches gate-keep and charge you for? Yeah - it's here, and all for FREE. 

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the healing power of Dragons

Elemental Dragons Meditations

Dive into the enchanting world of the Dragons with these meditations! This freebie offers four captivating meditations, each guided by a Dragon guardian—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Discover the wisdom and energy of each element as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's time to awaken your connection with these ancient and powerful forces. Download today and embrace the magic of the dragons.

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angel messages for you

Angel Number Phone Backgrounds

Infuse your day with inspiration and guidance! Download the free Angel Number Phone Backgrounds, and let the wisdom of numbers accompany you wherever you go. Elevate your phone with these visual reminders of hope, growth, and inner strength. It's like a daily angelic message right at your fingertips.

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make meditation easier

Mindful Moments: Meditations for Your Day

This is TOO easy!! I've got THREE guided meditations for you, all under 10 minutes, to get you back into your body, and chillliinnnnn out, no matter what time of day. You'll get your pick of a meditation focused on either the morning, afternoon, or end of day. And listen - these simple meditations are going to be KEY PLAYERS in your journey to embodiment and empowerment. Oh, and its FREE.99?? 

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